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Why the mass hysteria with the diagnosis Conversion disorder?

I am a mother with a child with the diagnosis of PANDAS. A cruel disorder causing a host of various mental illness symptoms such as tics, obsessions, anxiety, rage and attention problems. Although we tried to treat things as they appeared, we never had the experience of someone with a medical degree telling us that stress in my 6 year old caused these problems, and giving him the diagnosis of ‘conversion disorder’.
I decided to look into that diagnosis a bit as it seems to be a fad. Freud actually coined the term formerly known as hysteria. Freud believed that anxiety “converted” into physical symptoms. The DSM-IV defines conversion disorder as follows:
*One or more symptoms or deficits are present that affect voluntary movement or sensory function suggestive of a neurologic or other general medical condition. (OK, tics and excessive movement)
*Psychological factors are judged, in the clinicians belief, to be associated because of a stressor. (Stress precedes the onset)
*The symptoms are not being produced intentionally (The kid cant be faking….really, who on earth truly thinks these kids are faking)
*The symptom or deficit, AFTER APPROPRIATE INVESTIGATION, can’t be explained fully by a general medical condition, direct effects of a substance, or culturally sanctioned behavior or experience. (lets actually investigate before this label is slapped on)
*The symptom or deficit causes clinically significant distress or impairment…..yes it does
*The symptom or deficit is not limited to pain or sexual dysfunction, does not occur exclusively during the course of somatization disorder and is not better accounted for by another mental disorder.
Interesting to note that Freud himself believed that all hysterical symptoms have some organic component (Breuer and Freud, *Studies on Hysteria* Basic Books, Inc. 2000, pg. 96) I guess some have decided here in the year 2012 to forget that.
So this is conversion disorder. Thinking about the 16? teens in Leroy, nine of which were tested by Dr. Rosario Trifiletti and all of those were found to have clinically high levels of strep and mycoplasm (known triggers for PANS-type symptoms). I know that at least three have started on antibiotics and steroids and are improving, though some say if they took a sugar pill they would have the same results. I say, lets do it, compare the ones Trifiletti is treating and give the others a placebo…If Trifiletti is accurate, and if you havent figured by now I do believe he is, why do we wonder why it’s spreading. Some call it mass hysteria…..I call it a bacteria that is CONTAGIOUS (strep and mycoplasm).

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