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The Report Is in….

We went back to the doctor in Kansas City on Friday. I was dealing quite well with Joshua’s food allergies. We had adjusted his diet, he was reading labels…..then we got the bloodwork back. Basically, we had a lot more allergies to address. Most importantly, we were able to identify some thyroid issues directly linked to a high (very high) gluten and wheat allergy. Thyroid tests confirmed this. We have had to immediately remove all gluten and wheat products from Joshua’s diet in order to get the thyroid antibody numbers down…boy did that throw a kink in things. There were a couple of very specific deficiencies that we are now on vitamin supplements to correct….nothing serious.

We hit the one month mark! Joshua has been off antibiotics for an entire month and is doing well. He had a little party last week and ingested some foods he shouldn’t have. Let’s just say we have no doubt that food allergies are playing a role here..but all is well now.

I used to watch people on these gluten free, milk free, soy free diets and think..wow..that’s really living on the edge. Now I am trying to remember everyone’s name that was on these “crazy diets” so I can get some food ideas. The kids ate Irish Lamb stew (with rutabagas and leeks because we are allergic to carrots and potatoes) over quinoa (we also are allergic to rice)and black bean brownies. Unbelievably, they ate it up and acted like the brownies were the best things they had ever eaten. It was a true miracle…no, really.

Whole foods is my new home…and our new investment. We figure we are just spending all the money we were spending on medications on food…I’ll take it! I’m also so thankful that I didn’t find myself in this situation 15 years ago…we would be eating carrots and apples and rotating them…..well, actually we can’t even eat these so I just can’t imagine! We have a couple more tests to complete and will return in 2 months for results.

School starts September 4th and I will be a nervous wreck, loading the kids up with hand sanitizer and reciting good immune/germ containment rules. We will continue to keep everyone posted.

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