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The Apple Tree

This past weekend I had an experience that has been on my mind all day.
2 years ago we planted 2 apple trees. I was so excited. I researched types of apples. I planted two because I learned about apple tree pollination. I even went out when the weather got cold and wrapped them in garbage bags so they wouldn’t freeze.
Spring came and somehow one disappeared. Then we had a big storm and the other one cracked in half–all but a stub was gone. So much for the apple trees.
Saturday I looked in our back yard to see a tree I hadn’t noticed before. It kind of looked like an apple tree. I asked my husband and he laughed—“you didn’t notice an apple tree?” (I’ve been busy)
Sydney was so excited. “Will it have apples?” Trying to let her down easy, I said, “No honey, it takes several years for a tree to have apples. And it takes more than one apple tree. The bees have to pollinate the tree before it can have apples” I wanted to get a closer look at it though so we walked outside and up the hill to take a look. It had little apples on it. Our tree will have apples this year….though the birds helped themselves to some. Some of the leaves were dark and had little holes as the bugs had gotten on them.
I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking about that tree….and how it somewhat mirrored our situation with Joshua. It started out just perfect. We put special dirt in, covered it when it was cold and then, due to circumstances beyond our control…one day it was gone….or he appeared to be. There was a tiny little thread left. That little thread grew into a beautiful tree….in no time at all. Life’s not perfect. We still get bugs every now and then but it doesn’t outweigh the big tree….or picture;)
Today Missouri proclaimed October 9, 2013 as Pandas, Pans, Pitands Day. Awareness is growing. I look forward to the day that parents and children have access to effective treatment quickly and without jumping through the hoops required at this time. We will keep everyone posted as to our activities for Awareness Day!

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