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Long overdue update for Joshua

We have been so very busy that I have been unable to keep up with blogs. Tonight I will try and give our update, exciting as always. On July 17, I took Joshua and our 4 year old, Noah, to see an immunologist who specializes in psychoneuroimmunology. I knew our younger child had horrid allergies last year and figured I
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After the IVIG to treat PANDAS

So I thought I would write a quick note about symptoms of PANDAS after IVIG…long term. I don’t believe it is a clear cut answer for everyone. At first, I hoped that we would get just one and be done….but that hasn’t been our experience. Everything didn’t just go away though after a few months he was a completely different,
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PANDAS, PANS, and IVIG treatment

I have been getting lots of great emails from people all over the world struggling to get help for their children. I get a lot of questions about PANDAS, PANS and IVIG. IVIG was our choice of treatment for Joshua. One that we feel literally saved his life. Many physicians elude to the fact that it may not be safe
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