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PANDAS education confirmed in St. Louis

If you are waiting for a way for you and/or your physician to learn more about PANDAS/PANS, look no further! The Missouri PANDAS/PANS Parent Association (that’s a tongue twister)has confirmed a two day conference including presentations by Susan Swedo, MD (yes, there will be results from the NIMH IVIG study presented) as well as Dr. Cunningham among others. Physicians from Washington University will speak to the systems in play and the physicians researching PANDAS will give us the research…..that’s what the medical community is wanting. In fact, Washington University is offering CME credit (7.25 hours)so even if physicians are skeptical….they won’t be wasting their time. As if that wasn’t enough…there is a day 2 program as well. This second day is not sponsored by Washington University and includes a panel of physicians who specialize in PANDAS (parents will be able to ask questions), school districts and their recommendations for helping these kiddos out and a psychologist who can speak to the whole family (because we all know it affects the whole family). There will be a teen panel of children who have been through this nightmare who will be able to speak to their experiences and frustrations….I know, take a deep breath!!!
Our conference will be held at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Chesterfield, MO. Huge swimming pool with cabanas, fitness center and walking track…and a huge mall right across the street (which happens to contain an American Doll store). At night, stressed out mothers have been known to meet in the lobby of the hotel for a little nip and a lot of laughs as we share stories that can only be shared with those who have experienced the same. The experience of meeting up with families you only know in the virtual world is truly priceless and was one of my favorite parts of the Rhode Island 2014 Conference. In Rhode Island there were families from all over the country and even from other countries….it’s a small world after all!
Big things are happening here! For more information, go to www.midwestpandas.com for more information and a link to registration! There is also a link to a fundraiser called go fund me….if you want to be involved but are unable to make the trip, think about a donation to help spread the word!
Registration has started and is already picking up speed…we will keep you posted!!

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