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New School Year

A new school year has begun!

This raises a lot of emotions for PANDAS parents. Excitement for the new routine and new year…..and anxiety for viruses and infections that can set off a flare of PANDAS.

This is the first school year in two years where Joshua is not on antibiotics to prevent an infection. We have not taken an antibiotic in 6 weeks…amazing. He is on a natural antibiotic recommended by our immunologist with the real deal here in the cabinet at home in case of a strep outbreak at school.

We are sticking to a diet that is free of his allergies and he is receiving allergy shots 2x per week. Something is working. He told me tonight, “I feel like a puzzle piece that has been put back with the right puzzle” He monitors his own diet because he really feels there is a connection. He is on some special vitamin supplements because his bloodwork showed some deficiences and that is it. No antibiotics, no medicines for attention and focus. I don’t know how long it will last, but I will take every day we are given.

Joshua was excited to be a part of the radio show for PANDAS awareness. The station 99.9 here in St. Louis aired about a 30 minute segment. I will try and get the soundbyte posted here for those of you that would like to hear it. The feedback was great.

Hope everyone has a Happy new school year and we will be praying for a healthy season for all the kids!

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