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Media Update

Ohh my, the story continues. The newspaper was here Wednesday and is doing a story on Joshua and PANDAS. They will come Monday to take pictures. I went to channel four studio this morning to do a segment on Extra Edition which will air tomorrow morning at 6am. They are showing the website and book and asked a few questions. It had to be the fastest 4 minutes ever! The experience of going to a news station in and of itself, was interesting. I arrived at the last minute as this happened to be the day that Noah forgot how to dress himself.  I would have loved to have seen video of me running down the street in a skirt and high heeled boots towards the station. It was a reminder that I need to keep exercising! We will have a support group meeting here next week on Wednesday, which looks like it will be covered by the local Fox news station, KMOX radio as well as the newspaper. I am still getting some calls from CBS national news in New York which is just weird but very cool. I am looking forward to sleeping well tonight as I have the program set to record at 6, I can watch it with a nice cup of tea!

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