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Media day!

What a day! I have gotten so many emails and text regarding the events of the past 24 hours—I guess this is what a blog is for! Here is the story of the day.

I go to the post office to mail a book and am sitting talking on my cell waiting for it to open. I see a guy pull up next to me and can see in his car (nosy I am) that he has a KMOV keychain. He gets out and gets back in and I see he has a KMOV jacket on. Now the PANDAS community here has been trying to get the attention of the media…especially with what is happening in New York. I hang up with my friend, get out of my car and go knocking on this poor man’s car window. I briefly gave him a run down of our story and he acted surprised and started taking down information.  I wondered if he was really believing me or if he was just taking down the information to get me to leave him alone. Turns out, he was a reporter and 30 minutes later called to say they wanted to do the story and he would be at my house in about 40 minutes with a cameraman……yikes! Remembering the dishes we threw in the sink on the way out the door (you just do what you can do with 3 kids). I made a mad dash for home regretting not spending a little more time on my hair this morning. On the way, I called 2 other parents as we all wanted this to move forwards and I wanted the news to know we were not  a “1%”  (those of you who saw the TV spot know where I am here) rare case. So….3 parents show up. I do believe our reporter was in shock at what he was hearing and we did the interview which was positive. I returned to work and moved on with my day.

Meanwhile…..somehow the story was posted on the KMOV website as there being an outbreak of sorts of the LeRoy illness here in St, Louis. So at about 4, before the story even broke, I start getting calls from CBS national news. By the time I get home, they are asking if we can do an interview at 6:30 the next morning. Then I get a call from a local representative of the national news that wants to come and talk to us at 7. Someone from New York called my father in law wanting to get in touch with us and Good Morning America left a message on my machine? What a day.

The local rep came and we talked for about an hour and a half. He was great and just listened to our story. On his way over he received a call from CBS that they weren’t going to do the story in the morning but asked that we give our interviews to CBS if other networks called since they broke the story first. They are asking for footage of Joshua which is hard. For one, footage of him crazy was not something we wanted to remember in family movies. Secondly, we do have him in some rages, but I don’t think that is fair game to air on national television. I did, however, remember when his tics came back last year, we recorded him in the Christmas program at school and it is clear there is a problem. We will talk with Joshua tomorrow and decide what to do.

Poor Joshua fell asleep with his light on at 7:45. Sydney and Noah have no idea what is going on and their schedules have not changed. I will see what tomorrow brings and keep everyone posted!


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  1. How exciting!! You knew when you started this venture that it was the right thing to do!

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