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Long overdue update for Joshua

We have been so very busy that I have been unable to keep up with blogs. Tonight I will try and give our update, exciting as always.
On July 17, I took Joshua and our 4 year old, Noah, to see an immunologist who specializes in psychoneuroimmunology. I knew our younger child had horrid allergies last year and figured I would get the two of them tested in one appointment.
I brought our bag of potential vitamins and supplements and spoke with the doctor for almost a complete hour about Joshua’s history. He was doing well but every time we tried to take him off the Augmentin, he would crash by day 5 with tics, emotional issues etc. Other medical professionals suggested we leave him on the low dose. Neither my husband or I are comfortable with this…at least not at this point. Joshua got the skin testing for allergies and is allergic to the few foods he ate when he was sick..yeast (no bread), chicken, eggs, peanuts, oranges and oatmeal. He had a few seasonal allergies as well and was started on allergy shots. Then I got the shock of my life when Noah tested positive for corn, milk, soy, yeast, oats, oranges,pork, white potatoes and tomatoes. Oh my is that another blog.
The doctor suspected Joshua’s strep started in his gut, not his throat. I proposed the theory that the strep made his gut permeable to the foods he was eating at that time which is why he is allergic. He said it is a likely theory but no way to prove it. He looked at Joshua and said he had a zinc deficiency but would run bloodwork to make sure. I left the appointment with the realization that residual issues for Joshua may be caused by nutritional deficiencies due to the damage to his gut. Those of you who struggle with PANDAS children know all of the gut issues I am talking about. I was unaware that gut issues could be so dangerous in the long run.
We are blessed that Manish is able to administer the allergy shots at home every 3 days so I’m not driving all over creation getting them. Interesting, it has been 12 days since Joshua took an Augmentin pill. I asked him how he was feeling because he is able to tell me when things start to slide. He said, “things are great, in fact, this is the best I’ve felt in awhile”. We are holding our breath that he stays here.
We will return to the doctor in 2 weeks to review our blood test results. There are a lot of tests to review.
Meanwhile, we have completely revamped our diet at home. Basically, Noah is unable to eat anything with preservatives. We cook fresh every frappin’ day! The kids have really been fantastic. They have learned to eat what they are given and understand the deal…and I have lost a bunch of weight eating so healthy!

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  1. Beth Braun says:

    can you tell me what you have learned about strep in the gut since you have written this post?
    do you give yogurt, probiotics, kefir, fermented foods or do you avoid them if they contain strep strains?

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