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In the Lymelight #3

So after hounding our physician for clarification of results, she told us it looked like a mild positive. (If you haven’t read before, we were Igenex + but according to CDC he was missing one band to be CDC positive).  She wanted to make absolutely sure he had it before she began treating him. She ran an epitope test. This compares the Lyme bacteria in Joshua’s blood to the DNA of Borrelia. It was a match. She then ran another blood test which confirmed this as well. Lyme bacteria is very scary. It can change form to escape whatever you are attacking it with. It can be round (cyst), spirochete (like a screw…all the better to lodge itself into tissues, or intracellular.  So if a Dr. goes after a certain form of the bacteria with one antibiotic, the bacteria may merely morph into another type to avoid the antibiotic….nice. This is why many people with Lyme disease are on multiple antibiotics. That is why we saw such changes in Joshua with 2 antibiotics, we were unknowingly killing more than one form of Borrelia.

…and so it began. He started on two antibiotics. We really didn’t notice a lot of change. I expected a Herxheimer reaction (this is when antibiotics kill off large amounts of bacteria and the body cant get rid of it fast enough which produces more of the original symptoms) but I don’t remember him really having one. A few months later and some switches in medications (I’m shortening a little of this) she started him on some herbal drops..literally a few herbal drops in a few ounces of water….then we learned about Herxheimer reactions.

We were going to a wedding of a close family friend. He did well and then all of a sudden, “Mom, we have to go now”. We left. In the car he began holding his head. Now Joshua had had 3 IVIG’s by this point. The headaches that come with those are excruciating and he said this was not much different. We had about 3 days solid and 2 weeks on and off. Something was happening…

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