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Forward from Dr. Suthar


When my wife, Lori, discussed the idea of documenting and writing this book, I will admit I wasn’t completely on board. I am a reserved person, who believes that our family affairs should be private, not public. Plus I wanted to protect our children, in particular our son, Joshua, from unnecessary scrutiny.


Even though I have been a practicing physician for thirteen years, I have learned that there are aspects of medical science that still need to be unraveled. My specialty is the non-surgical treatment of spine related conditions in adults. I generally encourage holistic treatments, incorporating treatments that are lower in risk to my patients.

Although, medications are often the key to many illnesses, we must understand the risk versus benefits of every medication treatment. I am very conservative with medication treatment in my practice. In my heart, I believe this philosophy is even more critical in our children.

I have learned a great deal through other practicing physicians, as well as through research and continual study. I have come to realize that we don’t have all the answers. I believe one of the most important attributes to a good physician is knowing one’s own strengths and limitations.

It has become clear to me that behavioral disorders are on the rise. We need to research this and discover the sources and causes of this epidemic. Is it connected to the foods we eat? Are there viral or bacterial causes? Are there environmental triggers?

The solution isn’t to place our children on anti-depressants, stimulants or other medications that simply mask the symptoms.

When Joshua started having difficulties, Lori and I were new parents. We weren’t sure what was “normal” and what wasn’t. The last thing I ever wanted to do was put Joshua on any prescription medications. Giving Joshua medications without a clear understanding of what truly afflicted him went against everything I believed, both as a father and a physician.

However, in retrospect, I didn’t feel we had any options; Joshua’s condition was worsening. We didn’t know what else to do but go along with the recommendations of the pediatric specialists.

It isn’t easy to expose our most personal family difficulties in such a public forum. However, my wife and I feel strongly that we must do everything in our power to assist other families who might be facing a similar situation.

May this book be of help to you!

Manish Suthar, M.D.