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Documentary finalizing–need your help!!

So I assume most of you have watched the documentary teaser by Tim Sorel, My Kid is NOT Crazy. There is a facebook page and website for the movie (www.Mykidisnotcrazy.com). The filming is done! There is a kickstarter campaign that has raised the bare minimum to complete the film. This documentary will bring a HUGE amount of awareness to PANDAS. I have watched people that know our story watch the teaser. A common comment, “I had no idea!!”. Once it is on film, the community (including medical) will understand how significant this problem is. It is not just a bad strep infection. It is life altering.

This documentary includes both skeptics and researchers…and most importantly, families. It’s not just the child that this disorder affects…it is the whole family.  I am asking that you do three things to make a big difference to help a whole bunch of kids who can’t advocate for themselves.

  1. Go to the Facebook page My Kid is Not Crazy-documentary.
  2. Click on the video and donate to the kickstarter campaign (yes, I know it says goal met—that was bare minimum..it is not enough) By the way, the producer is not taking a salary on this—It is ALL to help our kids.
  3. Share the video and Facebook page with everyone you know. Lets get the word out.

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