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Strep throat one minute, OCD the next: How bacterial infections in children could cause behavioural issues February 2012 Read more:

Parents in St. Louis area say mental illness in kids tied to strep

Can common bacteria cause mental illness in children? A small group of parents in the St. Louis area say their children’s sudden obsessive behavior, insomnia, severe mood swings and tics all started with strep throat. At a support group meeting Wednesday night in Chesterfield, 16 family members shared similar stories of frightening symptoms, doubting doctors, tortured siblings and finally, the
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St. Louis Area Kids Suffering from Rare Disease,0,344871.story CREVE COEUR, MO (— A mysterious illness has broken out in LeRoy, New York: at least 16 teenagers are suddenly overcome with severe tics, twitching, and obsessive compulsive behavior. Now about a dozen families across St. Louis say they’ve been through, and in some cases are still going through, the same thing. For the first time ever, they met
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PANDAS support meeting

For those of you that saw the segment on KMOV, we are having a support meeting for children with diagnosed PANDAS. There will be media coverage though you have the option to be blurred/anonymous. Please bring something with your child’s diagnosis on it so we can confirm how many actual cases of PANDAS there are in the area and where
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KMOV St. Louis News Video

Mysterious illness that causes twitches may have hit St. Louis