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Are PANDAS/PANS related to autism?

When we first went to the psychiatrist, I asked if Joshua had high functioning autism. He had some of the aymptoms. He seemed to perseverate on ideas or toys, he was a very picky eater, he had sleep issues and sensory integrative difficulties. As we have waded in the world of autoimmune issues, I think back to my days of treating children with autism. I remember parents who swore up and down changes occurred after vaccines (so much so that we altered our own vaccine schedule). I remember certain parents telling me that they felt autism had a big autoimmune component.

When Joshua becomes ill, the antibodies he makes towards the bacteria or virus are messed up. Instead of attacking the bacteria, they find their way to his brain, via a permeable blood brain barrier, and mistakenly attack his basal ganglia in the base of his brain. We have to be careful not to get sick. We have been instructed to stay away from any type of vaccine as this would cause his body to create more dysfunctional antibodies which in turn would create more symptoms. There was such a “to do” over merccury in vaccines and I will admit, I don’t know many people who want heavy metals injected into their child, but what if the issue is altogether different. What if the sheer number of antibodies these kids nowadays are being required to create, is just too much. What if a subset of children are genetically susceptible, with weak blood brain barriers…and we need to be a little more careful. Maybe our autism research should be headed in the direction of immune stability in children.

I am not anti vaccine….but the whole thing makes me wonder if PANS/PANDAS don’t give us a window into a possible link to autism.

I will put a disclaimer here in case anyone gets silly with my hypothesis. Check with your doctor on medical issues. I am not a doctor and this is not a medical website. This is not a substitute for medical care.

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