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Radio show

This Sunday, September 2, there will be a radio interview about PANDAS on 99.9 FM in St. Louis. It will be from 12:30 to 1:00 on a show about people with disabilities, called Disability Discussions. My friend, Sarah, will be interviewing me about the book and the diagnosis. Stay tuned!

The Report Is in….

We went back to the doctor in Kansas City on Friday. I was dealing quite well with Joshua’s food allergies. We had adjusted his diet, he was reading labels…..then we got the bloodwork back. Basically, we had a lot more allergies to address. Most importantly, we were able to identify some thyroid issues directly linked to a high (very high)
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Long overdue update for Joshua

We have been so very busy that I have been unable to keep up with blogs. Tonight I will try and give our update, exciting as always. On July 17, I took Joshua and our 4 year old, Noah, to see an immunologist who specializes in psychoneuroimmunology. I knew our younger child had horrid allergies last year and figured I
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