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How to teach a child to swallow a pill

One hurdle we had to overcome with Joshua was the fact that he was very orally defensive. This means he couldn’t tolerate anything in his mouth. Dental trips were difficult for him though we had an amazing dentist who took his time and worked with Joshua slowly. I learned from our dentist, Dr. Bubenik, that when Joshua was rushed, he
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Are PANDAS/PANS related to autism?

When we first went to the psychiatrist, I asked if Joshua had high functioning autism. He had some of the aymptoms. He seemed to perseverate on ideas or toys, he was a very picky eater, he had sleep issues and sensory integrative difficulties. As we have waded in the world of autoimmune issues, I think back to my days of
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Antibiotic with PANS/PANDAS

Ok, so Joshua has been on a prophylactic dose of Augmentin for a year and on Sunday, we took him off. We were told that Augmentin has a protective effect and this is why it seems to alleviate symptoms so well. Augmentin is a common antibiotic for PANDAS. Unfortunately, in the past, when we took him off symptoms would return.
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