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Childhood OCD and PANDAS

This week the IOCDF (International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation) released a public service announcement by Dr. Michael Jenike, Chair of the IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board alerting parents and health practitioners that mental illnesses such as childhood OCD can be triggered by infections in children. The article, from MSNBC/Today, goes on to say that any child with a sudden onset of
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Strep throat one minute, OCD the next: How bacterial infections in children could cause behavioural issues February 2012 Read more:

More children with PANS/PANDAS IN STL

We had our first St. Louis support group meeting in St. Louis on February 15. Nine children with PANDAS/PANS were represented. There are 3 more whose families were unable to attend. Fox news came and did interviews with a 15 year old who had IVIG over a year ago and they did a little feature on Joshua as well. What a group
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Parents in St. Louis area say mental illness in kids tied to strep

Can common bacteria cause mental illness in children? A small group of parents in the St. Louis area say their children’s sudden obsessive behavior, insomnia, severe mood swings and tics all started with strep throat. At a support group meeting Wednesday night in Chesterfield, 16 family members shared similar stories of frightening symptoms, doubting doctors, tortured siblings and finally, the
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St. Louis Area Kids Suffering from Rare Disease,0,344871.story CREVE COEUR, MO (— A mysterious illness has broken out in LeRoy, New York: at least 16 teenagers are suddenly overcome with severe tics, twitching, and obsessive compulsive behavior. Now about a dozen families across St. Louis say they’ve been through, and in some cases are still going through, the same thing. For the first time ever, they met
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White Paper Released

Childhood Tics and Tourettes Syndrome

Ever wonder what causes childhood tics and Tourettes syndrome? Google defines a “tic” as a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often in the face. Joshua’s tics fit this definition. However, his tics weren’t relegated to just his face. He had “vocal tics” (where he’d make strange sounds) and other movements of body parts at random times. Diagnostically speaking,
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PANDAS support meeting

For those of you that saw the segment on KMOV, we are having a support meeting for children with diagnosed PANDAS. There will be media coverage though you have the option to be blurred/anonymous. Please bring something with your child’s diagnosis on it so we can confirm how many actual cases of PANDAS there are in the area and where
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Media Update

Ohh my, the story continues. The newspaper was here Wednesday and is doing a story on Joshua and PANDAS. They will come Monday to take pictures. I went to channel four studio this morning to do a segment on Extra Edition which will air tomorrow morning at 6am. They are showing the website and book and asked a few questions. It
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KMOV St. Louis News Video

Mysterious illness that causes twitches may have hit St. Louis